WhatsApp (Social Channels) Supplemental Terms and Conditions

Global Version 5 – India Version 1 – 08April2022

These supplemental terms and conditions (“Supplement”) are part of an agreement for certain ACL services (“Agreement”) between ACL and Customer and apply solely to the ACL WhatsApp services (“Service”) and not any other ACL product or service.

Capitalized terms are defined in the Glossary below. Capitalized terms not defined in this Supplement shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the General Terms and Conditions for ACL Services (“GTC”).

Part A – Legal Terms

A1. Services

A1.1. End User opt-in/opt-out requirements. Customer shall send Messages only to End Users who have, and continue to, knowingly consent or “opt-in” to receiving Messages and who have been informed by Customer of their right to cancel, and have been given a, readily accessible free process for cancelling, receipt or to “opt-out” of receiving further Messages. This opt-in information shall include the End User’s MSISDN and any further details if and as required by any relevant Service Provider. Customer agrees that ACL will deliver Messages to the Customer’s WhatsApp Application via the Platform Provider based on the End User’s Opt-In Information. Customer shall stop sending Messages to an End User who has opted-out from receiving such Messages as soon as possible but in no case later than twenty-four (24) hours after receipt of the opt-out request (or any shorter time period if necessary to meet or comply with any legal, regulatory, governmental and/or Service Provider request or requirement). At ACL’s request, or the request of a Service Provider, Customer shall provide ACL with proof of any and all such opt-in(s) and optout(s), and response time to discontinue transmission of Messages after opt-out, to ACL’s reasonable satisfaction.

A1.2. Supply of Customer Services. Customer shall inform End Users that Customer is the source and supplier of the Messages and provide appropriate contact details to End Users. ACL shall have no support obligations of any kind with respect to End Users and Customer shall not in any way, directly or indirectly, communicate or otherwise convey to End Users anything to the contrary. Customer shall bear sole responsibility for the acts, omissions or breaches of End Users with respect to the use of the Service, Customer Services and the Messages, including but not limited to the Customer Data. Customer shall promptly inform ACL if Customer becomes aware of any violation of the terms of this paragraph.

A1.3. Restrictions. Customer shall not use the Service or permit the Service to be used:

(a) in a manner that violates any applicable law, regulation, industry guidelines or code of practice, or that violates, infringes or misappropriates the rights of any third party;

(b) to transmit any Message or any electronic material (including viruses or other similar destructive computer programming routines) which causes, or is likely to cause, detriment or harm or damage to the ACL Network or any computer systems or telecommunications equipment or mobile handsets owned by ACL or any other person , or to facilitate the transmission or use of any code that would allow any third party to interfere with or access any Customer Data;

(c) to send spam, “junk mail” or unsolicited advertising or promotional Messages or material, or to send or knowingly receive or use any Message or material which is obscene, offensive, abusive, harassing, misleading, fraudulent, unethical, indecent, defamatory, discriminatory, threatening, libelous, unlawful or menacing; or

(d) to send any Messages that are of an urgent or sensitive nature or contain emergency information.

A1.4. Inappropriate Use. Customer shall not: (a) remove any identification, patent, trademark, copyright or other notice from the Service or any part of it; (b) access, use, or copy any portion of the intellectual property of ACL (access to which is provided to the Customer as part of the Service) to directly or indirectly to develop, promote or support any product or service that is competitive with the Service or any part of it; (c) disclose or publish performance or capacity statistics about the Service or any part of it; or (d) use the Service in connection with any activity that may result in tangible or intangible personal property damage, or death or serious body injury.

A1.5. Acceptable Use. Customer shall not access any information or data provided or controlled by any other customer of ACL or its suppliers and will abide by, and will not circumvent or otherwise disable, any security measures implemented in the Service. Customer shall immediately inform ACL if any third party makes or threatens any claim or action against Customer, or ACL, or any other party relating to any Customer Data, Customer Service or Messages.

A1.6. Faults. Customer agrees to promptly fix any faults and/or bugs in Customer’s software that causes the Service to be accessed incorrectly, including, but not limited to, software that generates incorrect API calls to the Service.

A2. Compliance

A2.1 Requirements. The provisions of Sections 2.5 and 4.1(c) of the GTC shall apply equally to requests, directions and/or orders made or issued by any Service Provider.

A2.2 Responsibility. ACL may, in its sole discretion, require Customer to take primary responsibility for any request or enquiry made under Section A2.1 above relating to any Customer Service, Message(s) or Customer Data or arising from Customer's use of the Service or from an alleged or actual breach of the Agreement by Customer. Customer agrees, at its own cost, to accept full responsibility for any such request or enquiry including for any expenses, penalties, fines, sanctions or other analogous costs that may arise, and in relation to such request or enquiry, to provide all requested information to such regulator or Service Provider (with copies to ACL) in a timely manner.

A2.3 Survival. Sections A1.1, A1.2, A1.3, A1.4, A1.5, A2.2, A2.3, A2.4, A2.6, and A2.7 shall survive termination or expiration of the Agreement.

A2.4 Indemnity. Customer will indemnify and, at ACL's election, defend ACL, its Affiliates and subcontractors against:

(a) any claims (including, but not limited to, any claims, fines, penalties, or losses ) or other liabilities brought against ACL, its Affiliates and subcontractors by any third party (including, but not limited to, any other ACL customer, Service Provider or governmental or regulatory authority) relating to Customer Data, Customer Services, Messages or Customer's use of the Service (including, but not limited to, any such claim which relates to infringement or misappropriation of any intellectual property rights of any third party or any breach or violation of laws or regulations, and any breach of WhatsApp Platform Terms); and

(b) all damages finally awarded against ACL, its Affiliates and subcontractors with respect to these claims.

A2.5 Suspension. In addition to its rights under the GTC, ACL may without liability block or delete any Customer Data or Message(s) that ACL determines, in its sole discretion, violates the terms of the Agreement.

A2.6 Disclaimer. Customer agrees that, with respect to its supply of the Service, neither ACL nor any ACL supplier shall be liable whether in contract, tort, or strict liability to Customer or to any End User or any other customer of Customer for (i) any Messages not delivered regardless of the reason for non-delivery, including, without limitation, message processing errors, transmission errors, or messaging network and/or service failures; or (ii) the accuracy of information provided through the Service.

A2.7 Compliance with WhatsApp Terms and Condition. Customer shall fully comply at all times with all terms and conditions imposed and required by Facebook / WhatsApp with respect to Customer's use of the WhatsApp Platform ("WhatsApp Platform Terms") and such compliance shall at all times be a condition of use by Customer of the Service. Customer is solely responsible for ascertaining WhatsApp Platform Terms and ensuring Customer's full compliance with WhatsApp Platform Terms. ACL shall have no obligations to Customer or any third party with respect to Customer's ascertaining or compliance with WhatsApp Platform Terms. For information purposes only, set forth below are URLs for a sample of WhatsApp Platform Providers' policies as published or updated by such WhatsApp Platform Providers. Customer acknowledges and agrees that it understands that the following URLs and such policies are subject to change at any time and from time to time based on the specific actions solely of WhatsApp Platform Provider and that ascertaining the correct URL, and WhatsApp Platform Terms, for a specific WhatsApp Platform Provider is solely the obligation of Customer:

  • WhatsApp Business Solution Terms (09 Jul 2020):  Click here;

  • WhatsApp Business Terms of Service (27 Sep 2021):  Click here; and

  • WhatsApp Commerce Policy (15 January 2021):  Click here.

Customer's use of the WhatsApp Business Solution also shall be governed by the appendix to the applicable Order Form. In the event of a conflict between terms in the Agreement and the terms in such Appendix with respect to the subject matter of Appendix, the terms in the Appendix shall govern.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that WhatsApp Platform available for use in connection with the Service may change from time to time and that ACL does not guarantee to Customer the availability of the WhatsApp Platform. ACL will promptly notify Customer in writing (email permitted) of changes to the availability of the WhatsApp Platform of which ACL becomes aware. Customer will promptly notify ACL of any changes to Customer's right to use the WhatsApp Platform of which Customer becomes aware or of any non-compliance by Customer with the WhatsApp Platform Terms. Customer further acknowledges and agrees that WhatsApp / Facebook may at any time impose on ACL certain other terms and conditions with respect to the availability and use of WhatsApp Platform ("Other WhatsApp Platform Terms") in connection with the Service and that in such event ACL shall have the right to impose on Customer such Other WhatsApp Platform Terms in the form of a written addendum to the Agreement, effective on the same date on which such Other WhatsApp Platform Terms are effective as to ACL, and to be signed promptly by Customer, but in no event later than five (5) business days from the date on which ACL communicates such addendum to Customer, as a condition to Customer's use thereafter of the WhatsApp Platform. If Customer does not sign such addendum within the foregoing time frame ACL shall have no obligation to provide, or continue to provide, the Service with respect to the WhatsApp Platform and may at any time in its own discretion suspend or terminate Customer's use of the WhatsApp Platform.

Part B – Business Terms

B1. Supply of the Service

B1.1. Other Services Required. As further stated in the Order Form or in the Documentation, the Service may require connection through a separate API and in such cases it cannot be used as a stand-alone product or service. In order for Customer to use the Service, Customer must separately enter in an agreement with ACL for the right to use the other Services. Unless and until Customer has entered into an agreement with ACL to obtain the right to use other Services, ACL shall have no obligation to provide the Service, and ACL shall not be liable for any failure to do so, and any Messages that Customer submits to the ACL Network for transmission via the Service may be blocked or deleted by ACL.

B1.2. Third party use. Customer shall not subcontract, sub-license, license, sell, lease, rent or otherwise make the Service available to third parties.

B2. Customer Responsibilities

B2.1. Access and Connectivity

(a) ACL Network connection. Customer is solely responsible, at its own expense, for establishing and maintaining its equipment, software, facilities, and its connection to the ACL Network and this obligation is a condition to Customer’s use of the Service.

(b) Other Conditions to Customer’s Use of the Service. Subject to Section A2.7, Customer must independently establish its physical and functional presence on WhatsApp Platform as to which Message transmission is available from ACL and as to which Customer desires to use the Service. Customer’s required actions in this regard include, but might not be limited to, depending on the specific nature and requirements of the WhatsApp Platform, (a) Customer’s establishment of a WhatsApp landing page on the WhatsApp Platform and (b) Customer’s account creation on the WhatsApp Platform.

(c) ACL Traffic Analyzer. ACL may, in its sole discretion, provide Customer with access to an ACL’s Traffic Analyzer interface (“ACL Traffic Analyzer”) which access will enable Customer to obtain statistical reports detailing Service activity. Access to the ACL Traffic Analyzer is provided to Customer for informational purposes only, and the data and information displayed are provided without warranties of any kind regarding completeness or accuracy. Customer agrees not to use or rely on such data and information in accounting for monies due between the parties or for billing purposes.

(d) Traffic Forecasts. Customer shall provide to ACL timely and accurate forecasts of proposed maximum Message volumes, including peak hour, monthly and quarterly volumes. If Customer does not submit such forecasts, it may impact the quality of the Services.

B2.2. Commercial Messages. Customer shall not use the Service for mobile to mobile, peer to peer messaging purposes. Customer shall use the Service solely to promote or facilitate, directly or indirectly, the goods, services or image of Customer pursuing a commercial activity.

B2.3. ACL Webhook integrations and On-boarding. Subject to Customer’s full compliance with Section B2.1 above, ACL shall provide to Customer Webhook via a URL provided by ACL to Customer for the purpose of Customer integrating such Webhook. Webhook, as so integrated, will be used for the purpose of Customer transmitting Opt-In Information to the ACL Network. ACL will provide to Customer an on-boarding guide to assist Customer with Customer’s integration of Webhook into the Customer Messaging Application and other set-up requirements relating to transmission between the Customer Messaging Application and the ACL Network via the Webhook in accordance with the Documentation.

B2.4. Fees. Customer shall be fully responsible for any fees imposed by WhatsApp with respect to Customer’s use of WhatsApp Platform. In the event WhatsApp imposes any fees on ACL with respect to Customer’s use of the WhatsApp Platform, ACL shall have the right to charge Customer, and Customer shall pay, the amount of any such fee (including any additional fees), which shall be invoiced by ACL to Customer.


1.1 "Customer Messaging Application" means a messaging application created or established by Customer on the WhatsApp Platform for purposes of communicating with End Users who are members of WhatsApp Platform.

1.2 "Customer Service" means a marketing, advertising, promotional or informational program or initiative, or other project, conducted by Customer utilizing the Service.

1.3 “End User" means a person or entity that is a user and/or recipient of a Customer Service.

1.4 "Message" means a digital message delivered via Internet Protocol (IP) or other technology protocols or standards used to transmit digital content (i) supplied by Customer to the ACL Network for transmission as a personalized notification or mass notification or (ii) received from the End User to be transmitted back to the Customer.

1.5 "Service Provider" means any entity, including, but not limited to, ACL suppliers and/or internet service providers that directly or indirectly are used in the supply of the Service which shall include, but not be limited to, WhatsApp Platform Provider (i.e., Facebook).

1.6 "WhatsApp Platform" means the platform on which Customer is permitted to, and can, create a WhatsApp messaging application for the purpose of sending and receiving Messages to and from End Users on the WhatsApp Platform.

1.7 "WhatsApp Platform Provider" means Facebook. For the purposes of this Supplement, WhatsApp Platform Provider shall also be a Service Provider.

1.8 "Webhook" means the webhook provided by ACL to Customer and integrated by Customer into Customer's Message Application or to Customer’s infrastructure/systems in connection with the ACL Service.