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Enable a lovable experience and watch your brand grow

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Why hide a great brand from customers? Gain the limelight your brand deserves with brand presence on WhatsApp – a channel that 2 billion people across the globe absolutely love!

Know what they want

Smart businesses know their customers. Leverage our advanced analytics to optimize campaigns and give them exactly what they are looking for.

Extend timely help

Be the brand that cares and supports by automating FAQs regarding product requests, order tracking, and more.

Enable a safe experience

Build brand loyalty and earn ambassadors for your brand with quick, secure, personalized conversations.

A channel that brands love

Not just customers, even businesses find it easier to build relationships on a channel that enables quick access to customers and helps send across multiformat content.

Your customers are on WhatsApp, so should their favorite brand be

15 million

Indian businesses are on WhatsApp


Customers rely on WhatsApp chatbot support

2.5 billion hours

With bots, brands will save more time by 2023

Enriched functionalities for smooth engagements

Start conversations

Don’t wait for customers to learn about your awesome brand. Initiate conversations and make it easy for them to reach out to you.

Try our templates

We’ll go the extra mile for you by helping you with templates that suit your brand and business objectives.

Verified business account

Gain trust with a verified account. Let your customers know that it is safe to interact with you and it isn’t a fraudster.

Rich interactions

Text, image, video, audio, emoji, location, URLs, cards, quick replies, list pickers – get talking to your customers and facilitate a thoroughly engaging experience.

Use case: Customer support

Reducing customer support costs with a WhatsApp chatbot

WhatsApp chatbots allow businesses to automate the most common customer queries and hand them over to a human agent when needed. Customers can choose between multiple types of inquiries to ensure a qualified agent is assigned to them every time.

The results

24/7 support, reduced operational costs and response times, and increased satisfaction, team efficiency, and conversions.


Trusted for the right reasons

We love working with our customers and so do they! Thousands of brands around the world have engaged and converted customers in new and exciting ways, including 8 out of ten US-based tech giants. We are thrilled to help you join the league of successful enterprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp Business API requires compliance with the WhatsApp Business Solution Policy, WhatsApp Business Solution Terms, as well as its Commerce Policy. You need to go through a BSP like Sinch to access WhatsApp Business API.
Yes. WhatsApp can always be used with your existing channels. Simply give Sinch a call to know more.
WhatsApp requires businesses to obtain opt-ins from customers before starting a chat via Message Templates to maintain the overall quality of customer experience. Such opt-ins can be obtained both on and off WhatsApp. Common ways to obtain opt-ins include WhatsApp links, WhatsApp QR codes, WhatsApp Ads, website contact forms, and interactive voice response (IVR). For example, you can ask for opt-ins to receive new updates when a customer signs up for your newsletter or uses your website to make a purchase.
You will need Facebook Business Manager, Line of Credit, and WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) for your brand to go live with the WhatsApp Business API.
Having a verified WhatsApp Business API account will add more credibility to your business communication. You can request WhatsApp API through Sinch or Facebook Business Manager. You will have to fulfill WhatsApp’s requirements of being a notable business and follow WhatsApp's Commerce and Business Policies to get verified.
WhatsApp introduced a new pricing model called conversation-based pricing in February 2022. Under this pricing structure, WhatsApp will charge once per 24-hour session of messaging between a business and a customer. Hence, if you are sending multiple messages within a 24-hour period, you just have to incur a single charge from WhatsApp for initiating the conversation. WhatsApp will not charge for template messages.
There are several industries under which businesses have adopted WhatsApp chatbot for result-driven use cases. Industries using these chatbots most extensively include HR, real-estate, hospitality, and healthcare.
Yes. Sinch WhatsApp Business APIs do support multiple languages, and therefore can help you interact with customers in their regional language. This language support can be enabled in both notification and conversational flows.