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Meet customers where they are and spark action

Harness the power of SMS, its immediacy, and personalization capability to boost ROI. Don’t just engage with customers – keep them coming back via seamless conversations over SMS.

Get started in no time with our developer-friendly SMS API

Get unbeatable reach, open, and read rate

Make sure your message always gets delivered with our best-in-class messaging infrastructure

Why does your brand need the goodness of Sinch SMS API?


consumers say they're frustrated when they can't reply to a mobile message. Enable it and make a connection


of consumers say they want two-way conversations via messaging channels and apps


open rates for SMS messages are amongst the highest across any form of marketing


consumers say, “I avoid buying from brands I don’t trust” – Build the trust with verified messaging

Use Case EasyPark

Authenticate users on signup and log-in

Find out how EasyPark uses Sinch Verification and SMS to secure log-in and keep customers up-to-date on time-sensitive inner-city parking.

The Challenge

Identify a secure signup and log-in solution to help customers find and pay for inner-city parking spaces.

The Solution

SMS Verification for sign up and log-in plus SMS messaging for essential real-time parking notifications and communications.

The Result

Significant boost in successful verifications, SMS message delivery, and communications.


years on the market


cities covered


increase in conversions


Gain happier customers, effortlessly

Branded verified messaging

Create personalized experiences for your customers by listing your brand in the sender ID.

Higher delivery rates

Benefit from our access to 600+ direct carriers, worldwide.

Global compliance

We know all about legal compliances, so we help you keep customer data safe.

Enable a CX your customers deserve

SMS is still a great tool — whether confirming a restaurant reservation, approving a big-ticket purchase, or just about any actionable alert. Remove barriers to a meaningful engagement with SMS API.

Frequently Asked Questions

SMS API allows your business to integrate SMS messaging into your existing software platforms. With SMS APIs, you can send or receive SMS messages promptly through any website or application. APIS makes it possible for a business to deliver customer notifications and information through SMS even outside business hours.
The text limit for a single SMS is 160 characters.
SMS APIs connect telecom carriers to the internet. Hence, there is no need to use a third-party platform or software “middleman” in this process. As you integrate an SMS API, its protocols shall enable you to send SMS automatically. As opposed to web-based applications, SMS API does not require an internet connection. As long as a user has cell phone access, they can receive your messages anywhere, any time.
To determine whether to integrate using HTTP or SMPP, you should take certain factors into consideration, such as the volume of messages you intend to send and receive and the coding languages your team is proficient in. SMPP is the more complicated of the two technologies, hence before opting for it; you need to be assured that your team is well-versed with the system.
Sinch offers powerful marketing analytics for your SMS campaigns. With our intuitive web-based interface you can effectively monitor and analyze your messaging traffic through statistics and detailed reports.
The costs associated with your SMS marketing campaign would depend on your specific requirements, including the number of subscribers in your text message list and the frequency of text message campaigns you send out. Give Sinch a call to get an approximate quote for your campaign.
A2P (Application-to-Person messaging) is a type of SMS sent from a subscriber to an application or sent from an application to a subscriber. It is a popular tool for customer engagement, notification, and authentication.
A shortcode is the 5- or 6-digit alphanumeric code used by companies when sending and receiving text messages. You can consider it to be the text messaging mailing address of your brand. For example, you can provide the short code (25789) to your customers so that they can sign up for your newsletter by texting “Yes “to 25789.
Sinch aims at making your SMS marketing process simple and hassle-free. Through us, you can enjoy single and bulk SMS service, low cost per message, prompt SMS delivery, and many more advantages.