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Connect with customers in 200+ countries via robust global messaging platform and APIs.

ACL’s messaging infrastructure helps enterprises reach their customers via messaging interface, robust API’s and other industry-proven enterprise messaging software. Our global messaging platform is engineered over scalable and reliable architecture to deliver large scale messages and enhance communications and operational processes for enterprises. The platform facilitates faster, secured and analytics backed communications that addresses the enterprise needs. With a broad suite of messaging services; Campaign Manager, OTP, traffic analyser, Custom API and 2-Way messaging, we help deliver deeper customer relationships, greater productivity, and better financial performance.

Infomation Technology Consulting

Feature Rich messaging

Platform with concatenation, multiple sender ID, interconnect/NDNC check, vernacular messaging, template management and more.

Customer Strategy & Marketing


Multiple protocols support like SMPP, HTTP/HTTPs, XML, SFTP and proprietary APIs with high and scalable transactions per second.

Infomation Technology Consulting

Analytics and reporting

Real time reports with insights. Intelligent Routing- Load balancing, Capacity allocation, and submission control

Financial Services Consulting

Secured Messaging

Multiple secure message delivery options, including secure connection to the service.

Performance Improvement

SLA Management

Purpose of the SLA feature is to entirely manage the SLA promised to customers.

Infomation Technology Consulting

Short URL

ACL is capable to shorten the URL received as part of text. Any URL received, preceded by https, can be shortened by the platform.

Campaign Manager - Mesoka

Backed by ACL’s highly robust SMS Push Platform, Mesoka (Campaign Manager) enables and empowers enterprises to send messages to a customer database of up to 20 MB with a single click. Its modular structure, unique user privileges and superior administration control makes Mesoka, the favorite solution in the marketplace for SMS marketing in India.

One Time Password

Shaping the future of banking, ACL’s OTP service enables mission-based, time-sensitive alerts to authenticate transactions and to provide better protection for banking, corporate networks and other systems containing sensitive data. The service extends SMS functionality over HTTPs API, and the banks using the service can trigger SMS to the intended recipient based on the event/s. ACL’s OPT service assures delivery of 99% of the critical messages within 30 seconds.

Traffic Analyser

ACL provides authentic real-time reports that help businesses track the status of every SMS sent. You can monitor and understand the messaging traffic and analyze it by means of multiple statistics and well-detailed reports. Our intuitive and interactive web-based interface provides a gist of all the outgoing messages, their delivery rates and timings. Now you can manage the promotion of your products and services more effectively and make intelligent choices by gauging the outcome of any existing promotional efforts. The tool allows enterprise to view the status of the SMS App id wise as processed by the ACL SMS gateway. The status reported are delivered, failed and no-delivery.

2-way Messaging

ACL offers seamless integration to offer new services for consumer engagement across multiple mobile channels. Our 2-way Messaging traffic analyzer is a combination of reporting and analysis tool for enterprises to get insights into their text messaging communications. We understand that for business to grow and be successful it is very important to measure the service performance over the trending period; hence our tool offers everything from messaging reports, down time, keyword search, keyword summary, short code-wise report across any operator with multiple circles.