Data security should be a part of every organizational DNA

8 Feb, 2023

With ‘digital’ and ‘data’ being today’s buzzwords, India’s growth story is for everyone to see. Digitization has augmented lives in more ways than one, enabling brands to get closer to customers. In such a context, the discussion around data privacy becomes crucial.

Businesses and customers have all started gaining out of scores of new and emerging technologies that are springing up, such as tokenization, Web3 and AI- pervading our lives like never before. Resultantly, all of us are part of some or the other online community and are ushering in a new landscape that prioritizes such digital belongingness. People trust their sensitive data with companies for buying groceries, medicines, flight tickets, or even getting their salaries credited. There’s so much happening every day and the need to secure and protect customers is a responsibility we cannot overlook.


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