ACL Mobile to expand business to Middle East and North African region; reveals Sanjay Goyal, CEO, ACL Mobile

ACL Mobile to expand business to Middle East and North African region; reveals Sanjay Goyal, CEO, ACL Mobile

7 Feb, 2017

ACL Mobile is planning to expand its business Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia and Africa, and it is aiming to double its revenue every six months from the international business for the next couple of years.

In an interaction with ET, Sanjay K Goyal, CEO and Founder of ACL Mobile talked about enterprise mobility solutions, advent of OTT players and ACL’s international expansion plans. Edited excerpts:
What does ACL Mobile do? Please elaborate on the nature of operations of the company
The company was founded to develop the first ever mobile chat service and slowly moved into the foray of enterprise mobility business that powers customer acquisition, engagement and monetization across different business verticals.

Sending over 20 billion messages per annum, ACL has a global network of 50+ aggregator partners and 800+ telecom networks worldwide and is delivering messages in 200+ countries. In November 2016, ACL clocked a record high of 185 million messages in a day.

How ACL Mobile is currently placed in India?
Backed by over 17 years of industry experience, ACL has managed to grow steadily and scale to its present-day success.
How have OTT players affected the company’s business in India?
The advent of OTT players has been rather interesting. While ACL Mobile has a unique business model, OTT platforms have definitely created newer ways for brands to reach out to their target audience, especially in the B2C segment, with millennial as the key user demographic. In the enterprise mobile messaging space, SMS or text messaging services are touted to be the most effective way to reach users with 90 percent read rate in minutes. They are completely ubiquitous, operating on multiple platforms including both feature phones and smartphones alike. They are also the easiest tools to reach out to customers as they do not require pre-existing connections or accepting friend requests or both the parties having to download the same app.
Please elaborate on the international expansion of your business that you’re planning.

We are looking at the emerging markets of Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia and Africa.
Since ACL has partners across the world, how does it plan to leverage its current position to expand its business?
We have tie-up with over 50 global aggregators and 800 telecom operators and have reach in over 200 countries. ACL’s aim is to remain amongst the top three enterprise messaging player in India.
What are the tie-ups that the company has currently in India and internationally?
We are connected with all telecom operators in India; globally we have reach in over 200 countries and 800 networks through tie-ups with international telecom operators and large global aggregators.
What are the tie-ups that the company is looking at in future?
We wish to have direct reach in all countries in Middle East and in identified countries of South Asia, Central Asia and Africa for creating a service offering of niche or exclusive connectivity.
Please elaborate on your platform AXIOM and how much traction has it received since it was launched in Karnataka Bank?
AXIOM is an In-enterprise messaging platform for large enterprises. A unique solution hosted on enterprise network that helps them to connect, monitor and manages the enterprise messaging needs in a secure and streamlined manner.

We have AXIOM platform already hosted at many banks in India and we know that customers have been able to achieve 20% operation cost reduction due to AXIOM.
How does the company plan to build its customer base in the international markets?
We are looking at bilateral trade relations with large international aggregators and the top 2 local aggregators in identified countries.

Who would be the competitors for the company in the international markets?
At the moment, we are taking the early steps to consolidate in the identified territories and therefore we are not really competing with anyone except our own goals

What are the company’s revenue targets from its international business?
We are looking to double our revenue every six months from the international business for the next couple of years.
What kind of market growth do you see for Mobile Messaging Solutions in India and abroad?
As per the industry reports, the market is set for a CAGR of at least 20%.