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On- premise Communications Platform

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Deployed in more than 30 Banks and Financial Institutions

Axiom is an industry leading, on-premise enterprise communications platform - which connects with multiple service providers and various departments of an enterprise via unified API. The platform empowers enterprises to send real time messages to its customers via SMS, Email and WhatsApp. Listed in Nasscom’s “Excellence Product Matrix” and deployed at leading banks in India, Axiom is first of its kind communications platform to offer a multitude of capabilities ensuring security (Role based access controls, Multi-factor authentication, End-to-end encryption, sensitive information masking, and industry’s security standard compliance), flexibility (Wide range of TPS support, and DB agnostic) and reliability (High availability, and Efficient DLR component).

Business Services Consulting

enterprise grade API

One-to-One messaging, and Bulk Requests. Multi-lingual messages with manual uploads

Industrial Goods & Services

intelligent routing engine

Robust & dynamic routing algorithm based on vendor performance & connectivity

Performance Improvement

bounded system

Automatic alerts for stakeholders to minimize operational overheads

Customer Strategy & Marketing

divisional autonomy

Controlled user access at levels –Enterprise, Division, Sub-division. Configurable approval flow for user management.

Financial Services Consulting

dynamic template

Template whitelisting and message formation with dynamic variables.

Infomation Technology Consulting

interactive traffic analyzer

Real time reports and drill down capabilities for advanced analysis.

Our Performance

4 Bn+ Transactions processed per month
> 500 Average residency time
99.999 % Uptime

Business Benefits

How to Make Leaders More Effective

Higher returns at lower costs

AXIOM is state-of-the-art platform which requires minimal manual intervention resulting in improved operational efficiency and reduction in cost by up to 20- 25%.

How to Make Leaders More Effective

Improves operational efficiency

Automated failover, intelligent load balancing, message prioritization enables high end-user control, availability and reliability resulting in enhanced operational efficiency.

How to Make Leaders More Effective

Next level engagement

The use of engaging media across multiple channels, together with real-time tracking, comprehensive analytics from intuitive dashboards enable AXIOM to deliver engaging experience to users while allowing enterprises to strengthen their brand perception through enhanced user satisfaction.