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Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time and Frequency via Right Channel

Enable enterprises to drive context-led customer engagement journeys. Reach out to your customers via multiple channels to ensure that the engagements are consistent across all channels leading to higher ROI. With support for onsite, private / public cloud deployments, Credence provides complete control to enterprises to opt for the best-fit model. And that’s not all.

That’s not all! With Credence, benefit from a range of exclusive features tailored for your business and success. 

Unified view and preferred channel

Unified view and preferred channel

Integrate all sources to create a unified view of your users and reach out to them through email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Voice. Credence gives you a sound understanding of customer’s preferred mode of contact too, helping your business make smart decisions.

Selective targeting

Selective targeting

From an entire database, you may be targeting a few based on a token- criteria, for a conditional journey. Credence offers seamless segmentation to launch successful campaigns.

Connect through IVR

Connect through IVR

Credence offers personalized and multi-level IVR to help you connect effectively.

Analyze workflows

Analyze workflows

Analyze your workflows over multiple KPIs, such as product, offer, objective for engagement channels. Get individual graphs of customers to for insights about user journey and behavior.

Analyze workflows

Time optimization

No two customers are the same, neither are their preferences. With Credence, your business can optimize the timing of a campaign so that users can receive AI triggered communications and engage with it at their choicest time.

Key Offerings

Customer Profiling

Create a holistic profile of your customers to understand them better. Use insights based on historical, behavioral, and real-time data to weave your campaigns effectively.

Smart targeting

Discover and organize valuable segments for smarter and personalized targeting. Help the right people engage with the right offer at the right instance. Trigger inputs ranging from transactions to inactivity.

Insights to decide on actionable

Crystal clear insights from campaigns and engagements help you predict, analyze, track, recommend and learn from your user journey.

Return on Investment

Monitor and measure marketing effectiveness with Credence. Save costs, time and effort spent on putting together a campaign simply by switching to Credence.


Credence gives you option to integrate Facebook Business Manager account with Credence UI and much more! Not just this, you also have the option to integrate with our in-house email platform or your existing vendor to support business continuity.


Full compliance to VPAT, Onsite deplyments available. Securely integrate your Enterprise Data

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