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Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time and Frequency via Right Channel

Credence, our Omni channel marketing automation platform enables enterprises to drive context led customer engagement journeys. The platform provides the capability to reach out to your customers via multiple channels to ensure that the engagements are consistent across all channels leading to higher ROI. With support for onsite, private / public cloud deployments, Credence provides complete control to enterprises to opt for best-fit model.


Centralise data: Integrate all sources to create unified customer view


Define precise target audience: Use transactional, behavioural, demographic etc attributes


Design engagement journey’s: Real time triggered, personalised, incorporate multi channel, implement rules based workflow


Monitor in real time: Track campaigns KPI’s and conversions


Effective engagements: Based on customer responses, auto select preferred channels

Precise targeting and dynamic segmentation

Precise targeting and dynamic segmentation

Effective targeting based on real time and long term transactional and demographic attributes. Context linked customer engagements with conversion tracking.

Data consolidation and real time campaign performance

Data consolidation and real time campaign performance

Centralize data storage from all sources on Credence. Centralized dashboard for near real time KPI reporting.

Automate processes to save time, efforts and cost

Automate processes to save time, efforts and cost

Single interface for managing communications across all channels. Prevent spends on unsuccessful attempts and duplication across channels.

Key Offerings

Customer Profiling

Create a holistic profile of your customers to understand them better. Historical, behavioural & real time. API connect with CRM’s.

Real time & dynamic segmentation

Discover & Organize valuable segments for smarter and personalized targeting.Auto updation

Real time & dynamic segmentation

Engage with the right offer at the right instance. Trigger inputs rnaging from transactions to inactivity.

Actionable Analytics

Predict, Analyse, Track, Recommend and Learn.

Return On Investment

Monitor and Measure Marketing effectiveness.


Full compliance to VPAT, Onsite deplyments available. Securely integrate your Enterprise Data

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