Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Benefit from versatile communication capabilities

Looking for a seamless way to connect, engage and retain your customers? With our carrier grade communications platform, banks have been able to use communication features like messaging, chat, voice, and video minus the complexity of backend engineering. Our communication platform is robust, scalable, and secured and our infrastructure offers versatile communication capabilities including faster processing, real-time load distribution, priority-based message routing and auto SMS failover support. Our communications platform goes beyond and ensures right information is communicated to the customer at the right time at a lesser cost. Now, drive healthy relationships and a customer experience par excellence.

Benefit from versatile communication capabilities

Verify securely

Customers are at the core of your business. Verify and protect their accounts with trusted authentication solutions from Sinch. You can acquire and expand customer base by enabling the existing/new users to connect with your business via SMS, Voice or Email.

Time-sensitive communication

Many mission-critical information such as one-time passwords, transaction alerts, service messages to customers are time-sensitive. We exceed customer expectations with over 20,000 peak transaction per second, with 99.999% infrastructure uptime and a platform latency of <300 milliseconds.

Customer engagement and trust

Notify customers about critical messages where response is needed (e.g. fraud prevention messages), and events like asset breakdown. Your customers are in the know which wins you their trust. Target greater efficiency and improve customer servicing with Sinch.

Product launch and announcements

Inform, educate, and build awareness about new products with Sinch. For a long time, SMS has been the choicest medium to convey promotional/special offers. The ubiquity and low cost of SMS makes it a perfect medium for sharing information.


Strategize, engage, and scale your business

How effectively does your brand engage with customers? Are you targeting your customers on channels they enjoy spending time on? Sinch allows digital businesses to build such communication with existing and prospective customers. With a suite of innovative communication tools from Sinch, e-commerce brands can improve their audience interaction, engage, re-engage and retain a number of customers, leading to higher conversions.

Strategize, engage, and scale your business

Trigger customer interactions

Your customers would love to know about new offers and deals. They would like to know the exact stage at which their order is at a given moment. There is a whole lot of interaction opportunities that you can build upon when you notify a customer, be it about their order status, payment-related information, suggestions, or feedback. With Sinch, you can turn customers into evangelists!

Drive Customer Engagement

Facilitate avenues through which your customer can engage with you. Ping customers via in-app notifications, news icons, SMS with links to promotional content, including photos, videos, audio clips and websites. The Sinch communication stack enables businesses to interact through use of rich-media and in various content formats that appeal to customers.

Focus on after-sales

Some of the most successful brands out there know that the after-sales period is a crucial time for online customers. It determines whether or not the customer will re-engage with your brand. Thus, right from informing the customer of the dispatch and delivery status of the order to sharing timely notifications through SMS, WhatsApp and e-mail helps an online retailer build a positive brand image.

Optimize registration and feedback system

Help your customers interact with your business without having to face glitches. Simplify registration and feedback systems by allowing customers to communicate easily with the brand through channels like SMS (Short URL service for form), missed call service, WhatsApp, and email. Grow your business by easing the way your customers reach out to you.


Drive customer engagement and loyalty to the next level

Customers drive the market today. Every product out there, is available at the click of a button. This means retailers often need to innovate to pull in a potential customer into a store. Internal retail operations can benefit from Sinch's multi-channel messaging. Leverage from our communications stack and target potential and existing clients prior to, during or even post the sale.

With Sinch, brands can gauge customer preferences, that is, patterns, behavior and purchasing decisions. This information can be utilized to enable brands to target customers with more personalized content and contextually relevant messages that strengthen customer relationships. Cross-device, location and personality-based re-targeting can help acquire more users via mobile devices.

Drive customer engagement and loyalty to the next level

Promotional and sale notifications

Vying your customers with deals, discounts, or promotional campaigns? Make these visible and heard with Sinch. Reach out to your valued customers on channels they are most available on and make the most of our communication stack.

Deliver updates promptly

Send delivery notifications to customers with alerts when the item is ready for delivery or send messages to customer to communicate updates or share location.

Two-way interactions

Your brand tends to gain if two-way interactions are encouraged. Allow customers to send their queries, service requests, product demonstration, etc. via messages and simplify service requests.

Bank on customer feedback

It is important to use multiple touch points to gather feedback and create solutions that best fit the need. An SMS sent using our Short URL Service can help one link the feedback page, an e-mail response or an IVR auto-menu for collecting feedback and opinions and can emerge as a bankable channel to know your customers.


Enable an interactive, responsive communication system

Workforce mobility is the key to increased productivity, response time and communication within government functions and departments. Our communication platform assists authorities and corporate bodies to leverage from proactive communication, thereby becoming more accessible for citizens. Our platforms have the capability to power fast, reliable, and secure messaging via SMS, Voice, email and IP Push. With our expertise, you can bank on us for cost-effective solutions, easy integration, multi-channel support and best-in-class SLAs.

Enable an interactive, responsive communication system

Walk the extra mile for customer service

Citizens services can be simplified if the authorities are prompt and responsive. Whether it is a tax reminder, passport service information, an electricity bill payment or general notification, the Sinch communication platform offers countless use cases for the government.

Security alerts

Important communication cannot be ignored or saved for later. Trigger alerts by various bodies about an emergency breakout or to warn about a fraud or mishap.

Reach out to citizens

To foster a community feeling or for social causes, Sinch can help authorities reach out to the public through a versatile communication stack. Send SMS and voice communication through our platform and play a pivotal role in facilitating active contribution from citizens towards social and economic development.