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Join hands with the market leader that has over two decades of rich experience in the space of business communication and cPaaS. We are trusted by over 500 enterprises. Have you tried ACL yet? Get solutions tailored perfectly for your industry.

With ACL, your business grows by leaps and bounds and your customers benefit from the unrivalled experience. ACL is here to enable your business to provide timely, relevant, and actionable interactions to your clients while you grow, thanks to a superior communication strategy in place. While you engage customers across the full range of mobile channels, we help you stay ahead by identifying new revenue streams and implementing new sources of competitive differentiation. Bring the best of technology, CX and data together with ACL.


Highly reliable

Enrich the reliability of business system operations with 99.999% infrastructure uptime, only with ACL


Safe and secure

Bank on advanced malware protection, 24x7 management, and monitoring by certified security staff to enhance protection.


Make the most of demand performance, horizontal scalability, and high-load tolerance with zero business-downtime.


Robust infrastructure

ACL platforms are deployed in world-class data hubs, with N+1 redundancy and a disaster recovery (DR) center.


Seamless integration with enterprise systems.

Intelligent routing. Multilingual support and response.

Complex business logic implementation. Reduces CAPEX and OPEX.

Multi-user touch points using telecom media. Real time reporting and analytics.

99.999 % Infrastructure Uptime
< 300 ms Platform latency
30000 Infrastructure Uptime