SMS- Success Story

Client Profile 

Largest bank in the country, and amongst world’s most valuable brands. It has a vast customer base and distribution network with thousands of branches across multiple cities.


Objective was to manage business communications and  

  1. Provide Push, Pull and OTP based SMS alert services and should be seamlessly integrated with all applications of the enterprise. 

  1. Bulk SMS Services to cover the facility like Push Service and Pull SMS using long code/short code/VMN. 

  1. Capabilities to send SMS/OTP to all GSM and CDMA handsets and on all telecom operators available in India and abroad without any exception. 

  1. Responsible for delivery of real time SMS alerts on 24*7*365 basis. 

  1. Capable of generating detailed report in Excel and maintain the data with regard to SMSs sent.  

Engagement Solution: SMS Platform

Accessible via a Web interface, ACL provided a complete solution aiming to engage with mobile phone users across the full range of mobile channels. ACL empowered the enterprise to integrate ACL SMS Service with their service applications to notify the users for Transactional, Promotional, Emergency Alerts, Activity alerts, Infra and Apps failover alerts, etc. with the following ACL’s solutions: 

  1. PUSH SMS Gateway API- 

  1. Insta Alert SMS API 

  1. Pull Message 

  1. Enterprise Campaign Manager 

  1. Traffic Analyzer 


  • ACL’s push platform manages nearly 80 Cr transactional traffic every month for the enterprise 

  • Fully automated and centralized messaging platform that handles multi-department load of our client. 

  • The bank could reap the benefits of sending OTP, real-time transactional alerts, promotional and informative messages to their customers over multiple channels from a single interface. 

  • Our client has reported unparalleled performance with high bandwidth availability.