Credence- Success Story

Client Profile 

India’s leading mobile financial services company. The company provides financial services such as money transfer, recharges, bill payments, insurance point of sale, GST filing, mobile POS, SME loans & e-gov services. 


The objective was to increase transactions via meaningful alerts and convert online leads. The requirements of the project also entailed: 

  1. Defining customer segments e.g. ‘Very Frequent’, ‘Moderate’, ‘Average’ basis transactional data. 

  1. Identify preferences in historical transaction for such customers using previous trade data and enrich segmentation using demographic/ static data 

  1. Communicate over preferred channel.  

Solution- Credence, ACL Omni-Channel Marketing Automation Platform  

ACL built an engagement strategy for the company to be powered by its omni-channel marketing automation platform, Credence.   

Engagement Design   

  1. Incorporate online queries in campaign journeys 

  1. Map and communicate ‘best fit’ offers based on rules 

  1. Multi-channel engagement journey incorporating SMS, Email, OBD, BPN 


  • 39% audience retargeted with modified offers in secondary engagements with 4.7% conversions 

  • Real time customer engagement based on customer’s profile & transactions 

  • Real time events and engaging with retail partners for increasing customer  

  • Retail profile led engagements