Axiom- Success Story

Client Profile 

Largest bank in the country, and amongst world’s most valuable brands. The bank has a vast customer base and distribution network with thousands of branches across multiple cities.   


Objective of the project was to manage time-critical business communication at a voluminous scale. Other requirements from the bank included: 

  1. Message prioritization to set message priority. 

  1. Freedom and flexibility to access data from multiple source system, applications & departments. 

  1. Integrate multiple vendor APIs; and manage several vendors to send business communication (SMS/ e-mail) while controlling cost. 

  1. Latency in customer communication affecting service experience. 


Engagement Solution: Axiom- Multi-Channel Communications Hub  

AXIOM was conceptualized to resolve challenges faced by our customer by providing them with a secured and seamless platform that brings business continuity and enhanced customer experience at much lower cost resulting in growth, customer satisfaction and the overall success of the organization. 

  1. AXIOM was integrated with enterprise’s internal departments/processes at one end and with multiple vendors/service providers at the other end to provide uninterrupted business communication to customers. 

  1. The platform supported globally accepted protocols like http/s, SMPP and JDBC. 

  1. It offered high throughput (scaling from 100 to 6000 TPS), multi-channel support (over SMS and E-mail), messaging prioritization (prioritization of messages based on messages, vendors and departments), failover mechanism (leading to business continuity), multi-language support (Unicode) and high processing capability. 

  1. The platform further provided ergonomically designed Web-based GUI. 



  • 20% operational cost reduction. 

  • Fully automated and centralized messaging platform that managed multi-department load of our client. 

  • The bank could reap the benefits of sending OTP, real-time transactional alerts, promotional and informative messages to their customers over multiple channels from a single interface. 

  • Client reported unparalleled performance with high bandwidth availability from aggregated vendor bandwidth.