WhatsApp- Success Story

Client Profile 

Client is a leading private life insurance company. The brand caters to over 10 million customers with 200 + branches across the country. 


Client had a clear mandate of WhatsApp implementation to drive better and more personalized experiences that delight customers.  The insurance company wanted a partner who could provide excellent support service and work closely with the brand.  

Engagement Solution: WhatsApp for Business 

The insurance company connected to WhatsApp business through ACL to delight more than 10 million customers. Onboarding was made super easy for the client with quick step by step set up process which included: 

  1. Project Initiation 

  1. Integration 

  1. Testing  

  1. GO – LIVE 

Project Implementation offered: 

  1. Push, Pull and Opt-in functionality 

  1. Several of our full-time resources were placed with enterprise teams to support their needs on a daily basis and a senior resource that serves as a liaison for the project 

  1. Traffic Analyser- ACL’s tool to provide real-time reports that helped the client track the status of every message sent, delivered and failed. Through the tool client was able to monitor and understand the messaging traffic and analyse it by means of multiple statistics and well-detailed reports. The intuitive and interactive web-based interface provided the client a gist of the messages. 



  • Quick and super easy onboarding process to build client’s first official WhatsApp messaging experience.   

  • Tracking of customer issues by category and severity levels. 

  • ACL was able to make client go live in record time with superior execution and support.