Jul 22, 2021

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  • Top 5 reasons why you should use WhatsApp for business communication

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    Why do brands use WhatsApp solutions for business? 

    The best way to reach out to people is to appear on platforms that they already love using. This explains why WhatsApp is increasingly popular among brands. WhatsApp Business took everyone by surprise in 2018 and by 2021, it has already evolved as a game changer, overtaking others as a sales and marketing channel. For large enterprises, WhatsApp solutions for business paves way for an effective yet less invasive way of reaching out to customers who check their phones many times a day but may be averse to attending calls from businesses. Stats as per Nielsen suggests that 56% of users would prefer messaging the customer care than speak to the business over a call.  

    Create a branded identity  

    In an increasingly digital world where the online presence of companies and the customer experience that they render are most important, WhatsApp for business communication helps brands create a unique and appealing identity. In India alone, there are over 15 million WhatsApp Business users. In the case of WhatsApp Business API, there are over three million organizations making use of this digital channel to grow and nurture their brand presence.  
    Your users are demanding and curious
    More and more businesses have realized that their customers are craving for more information. They are not just curious; they are demanding and impatient too. There is an opportunity in this scenario for every business and hence brands resort to WhatsApp solutions for business. It helps your business stay always on and provide instant answers to your valued customers. Your WhatsApp for business support account, for example, can handle thousands of user queries at the same time and that saves you from answering repetitive or predictable questions on and on again. At the same time, your users are happy that they were provided with the right information just when they needed it.  
    Enhance the trust factor 

    With verified badges and logos for your business account, you will also enhance the trust that your users have on you. In the absence of such verifications, privacy concerns and data theft were common problems. Not anymore.  
    If you choose to delegate the management of your WhatsApp Business API endpoint to an official WhatsApp solution provider such as ACL (now Sinch), the communication is signal protocol encrypted and therefore, secure.  
    Get creative and user-friendly  

    The average attention span of a human is eight seconds, down from twelve seconds in the early half of the 21st century and the maximum is somewhere around twenty minutes. For businesses that fail to get creative and engaging, this could mean losing your prospective customers.  

    Using WhatsApp for business communication is therefore a smart way to go about it. Think about it. With a WhatsApp corporate account, your business can share slides, videos, pictures and get creative with multimedia. It helps keep the user occupied and engaged and this fetches your more time to communicate and win them over! 
    Go global and grow your business 

    By now, you already know that WhatsApp business solutions work for every industry and sector.  
    Whether you are an ed-tech, hospitality, travel, OTT, healthcare, gaming, real estate, BFSI, e-commerce or any other industry you can use WhatsApp for business communication and benefit phenomenally.  
    In 180 countries and with 60 billion messages per day, WhatsApp is a leader among global communication platforms with an exception of China. Given that it is free and comes preinstalled in almost all smartphones, the usage is high and the benefits manifold.  
    Let’s give you an example.  
    For South American, online food ordering and delivery platform, iFood, conversational bot on WhatsApp was a perfect solution. iFood had been facing a challenge to improve the entire delivery chain, including signing up more restaurants, registering new delivery staff as well as improving sales and customer service towards the end user and that’s when they moved to mobile messaging centric communication across the delivery chain.  
    The benefits?   

    •    For the restaurant, there was a 68% Reduction in cost of onboarding new restaurants 
    •    A 70% reduction in delivery service costs for the delivery agents 
    •    About 91% customers were satisfied with the delivery 
    •    On the end-user side, there was a 49% increase in Gift Card sales conversion  
    •    Reduction in request cost when compared to other campaigns and channels was by 50%  
    AG Insurance on the other hand, achieved a significant 21 percent reduction in support calls and close to a lakh questions answered instantly with its chatbot. Belfius Insurance saved 500+ man hours of customer service by processing 26,000 claims automatically over the bot. 
    Customer success stories are endless! Are you game? 
    ACL (now Sinch)  helps enterprises accelerate adoption of WhatsApp and chatbot to achieve rapid gains in customer experience, efficiency, and cost savings. Write to us at marketing@aclmobile.com for more information.  

    Can a business use a phone number that is already on WhatsApp? 
    If the phone number is not linked to a WhatsApp Business API, you can use that phone number. 
    Can a phone number be used for multiple WhatsApp Business API Clients? 
    No, at any given time, you can only have one instance of the WhatsApp Business API Client running for a single phone number. When you register for a second one, the first one fails.