Feb 24, 2023

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  • This festive season, get closer to customers with Sinch Conversation API

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    Festive season in India is big. For businesses across the country, this is an opportune time to make use of their focused strategy, open up communication channels and allow purposeful interactions with customers. Why are we giving communication channels the centerstage, you may ask? Here’s a quick answer. As per research by Statista the number of smartphone users galloped from 34 million in 2010 to 844.84 million in 2021. Every year, more and more people are using smartphones and its not just for calls. 

    A report by Accenture revealed that even in the aftermath of COVID-19, 49% of those surveyed will continue to shop online more often while 58% said they will avoid crowds and 46% respondents said they will spend less time in stores. Crisply put, your customers are going online!

    Tap into the festive opportunity to attract online customers

    Its not just the mobile in your customer’s hand, its your customers themselves that are mobile today. They’d like ease of access to a brand and a great customer experience to stay committed to a brand. How do you do that? 

    Remember to keep it personal

    It’s all about your customers. Understand them and with data in place reach out to them with just what they need. With multichannel and omnichannel marketing, you can reach out to customers and continue your conversations, across channels seamlessly. With channels such as WhatsApp, your brand could also personalize communication and ensure that they have access to information that they need, be it shipping details, answers to FAQs, product-related queries, mechanism to give feedback. 

    Add a festive touch

    Festivals are incomplete without that special element. Yes, rewards and offers are what keeps prospective customers hooked. Most brands unveil new products, deals or special pricing during the festive season in India. Ensure that you are rolling out this information through your customers’ favorite messaging channels. In a market flooded with products, create a differentiating factor that counts and saves them monies! 

    Anticipate problems and fixes

    Festive season is no downtime for businesses. It means activity and transactions and queries and redressals and more purchases. 
    Are communication channels open, will customers receive notifications and OTPs at the right time? Make sure you side with the best CPaaS provider and automate customer support. Unless you have a huge team of support staff, it is always a good idea to direct FAQs and general queries on to chatbots. Your human agents can step in as and when required. 

    Reach more customers 

    For brands to thrive, customers cannot be an afterthought. Develop a communication strategy that suits each of your customers. Let’s look at a few channels that have emerged as favorites. 

    For the most tried, tested and loved customer engagement solutions, go through the Sinch suite of products or request a demo.