Security and Privacy of Data at ACL

Data Security concerns have come to riddle the world that continues to grow more digital and technologically advanced, with every passing second. Be it for celebrities, organizations, homes, offices or countries, the increasing role of technology in our everyday lives is threatened by security vulnerabilities. News of cyber-attacks, security data breaches and leaks have become a common occurring today, affecting the sanctity of personal accounts of celebrities, government authorities, corporates and citizens alike!
For data protection, companies and service providers invest in hosted servers. These hosted data servers are located in Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers with high-end server processors that help in enhancing throughput, while offering highest level of multi-layered physical and e-security. In short, it’s important to take all possible steps in securing the servers from critical issues like unauthorized access, downtime, and data loss by fraudulent means.
At ACL, data security of its customers is of high-priority. The company has deployed cutting-edge technologies and web servers to ensure data protection. Being the leader in enterprise messaging over the years, ACL has set of capabilities to configure the network, hence preventing any unauthorized users to access files, folders or any other sensitive information. Thus, our networks ensure that all your files stored on its servers are safe and secured.
Furthermore, constant vigilance is the key to ensuring optimum security. To the same end, we maintain a routine system upgrade for all network elements and databases, including regular audits that ensure optimal functioning of the servers. This further helps in providing us with a guaranteed infrastructure uptime of 99.99%, high scalability and reliability of your information. With highest levels of service and quality, we process over 2.5 billion messages per month. That is how we provide the ultimate experience to our customers, and make the information and content available to them in real-time.
At ACL Mobile, the customer constitutes the epicenter of all of our business operations. We believe that ensuring security and privacy of data of our esteemed customers is paramount. Our services and products, including AXIOM, One-time-password, email marketing and global messaging, are created with the singular aim of driving performance and growth for our customers, whilst safeguarding the sensitive information.
Enterprise messaging solution is all about reaching out to the customers without delays. Owing to its democratic and ubiquitous reach, enterprise messaging is growing big in the market. Adhering to the best security practices and protocols, ACL Mobile services are created to be robust, highly efficient and secure. We make it easy for our customers to select the best channel, securely communicate and track the messages sent out to their customers. As the business blooms with an increased brand loyalty, recall and presence, at ACL, we ensure that the data is encrypted and protected from all kinds of threats that one may imagine.