Feb 06, 2023

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  • Paperless customer communication just got easy

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    Don’t we all prefer digital documents, invoices, statements or e-tickets to cumbersome paper communication from brands? Think about the pile of paper that would have occupied a dusty corner at home, had not digital documents come to your rescue. 

    Increasingly, both businesses and customers are preferring electronic documents for various reasons: 

    Why are e-documents preferred over paper communication?

    Portability: People are on the move. They change jobs, houses and even cities or countries if need be. Paper communication from businesses to their customers always meant hassle. Upon receiving a paper communication from a company, receivers also needed to sign. This means, people had to be at home. Not anymore. Digital documents have made customer communication very easy. Its portable and reaches them, no matter where they are. 

    Safety: Paper communication can easily get misplaced. There are chances of information theft as well because such communication reaches you after a long while. Given the volume of information that individuals need to keep secure – its best managed as e-documents.

    Sustainability: Go green is as much for businesses as it is for people. Digital documents are the easiest way to ensure this and thus saving up on costs as well. 


    PDF generation and sharing made easy for enterprises in India

    Now that its clear why paperless is the way ahead, if you are a business wondering about the ease of digital document creation and sharing, we have got some good news for you. Customer Communication Management (CCM) from Sinch India has got all that it takes to be your go-to tool for swift and secure customer communications. We have captured all that it can do in here. 

    How can industries leverage Customer Communication Management 

    It’s time to look at the use cases that CCM supports. 

    Banking sector: A variety of statements that banks usually process, such as, credit card statements, bank account statements, loan statements, digital wallet statements, income tax certificate can now be created and shared in a language of choice with CCM.

    Insurance sector: Be it premium reminders and statements, income tax certificate, health insurance renewal, motor insurance renewal, term insurance statements and others – the insurance sector always needs to send across customer communication periodically or on demand and therefore, CCM comes in very handy. 

    Utilities: Lets name a few - broadband statement, LPG statement, electricity bills, water bills, DTH bills—these updates are important and needs to be conveyed within a specified time period. Customers also request for such statements (duplicate bills) time and again. 

    Retail: The retail industry has a lot to benefit by switching to CCM. The scope of saving up on costs and going paperless is immense. Think about movie tickets, restaurant bills, apparel, footwear, electronics, furniture store invoices – the world is moving towards digital statements in every way. 

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