Jan 15, 2023

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  • Meet the smartest email API with 98% deliverability

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    Did you know - 20% of wanted email never reach its intended recipient. This alone can be  a potential killer if you are looking to grow your business. At Sinch, we understand what seamless communications mean for both businesses and customers. If you are still settling for an email platform that doesn’t quite understand your business requirements, its time to pivot. 

    Before we suggest an alternative, let’s look what a robust Email API could do for your business. 

    What is an Email API?

    With an Email Application Programming Interface (API), applications can receive access to the functionality available in an email platform to generate and send transactional or promotional emailers from business to customers. Besides, it can make use of templates to put together visually appealing emails and enable access to metrics.

    How does Email API benefit businesses?

    For an enterprise catering to numerous customers, Email API can be a real blessing. One, it saves a lot of time for businesses who would otherwise need to send emails manually. Second, developer teams too can save as much a year’s time by opting for a simple API to integrate with providers which are also easier to use. Other associated benefits include service reliability, high deliverability, list management, analytics, faster implementation, scope for personalization, robust security and much more!

    How to choose Email API?

    We put together a list for you:

    Deliverability: What good can an email do if it doesn’t reach the intended recipient? So yes, deliverability is the topmost determinant when it comes to choosing an Email API. You may ask, what causes an email to not land into inboxes? Well, there could be multiple reasons such as using servers that do not have a reputation of sending genuine emails – these may eventually lead your emails directly into their spam folder. 

    If your intended recipient does not engage with your emails/business, emails may bounce and such negative engagement could end up pushing your emails to spam. If you are sending emails to customers without their permission, again your risking deliverability.  Other factors that affect email deliverability include higher bounce rates or bad email design. 

    Let’s come to the good part. Mailhub from Sinch gives businesses the scope to reach their customers with 98% deliverability rate. The industry-wide average still stands at 83%. 

    Speed: In 2023, speed is everything! Whether you send millions of emails within minutes or are sending high-volume emails round-the-clock, Mailhub assures you of rapid fire delivery. Mailhub has the bandwidth and capacity to send bulk messages – millions of these. If you are an enterprise that prioritizes customer communication, you can’t rely on Email APIs that can’t manage the load.

     Security: Risk of unauthorized access is a risk to business. At Mailhub, account is fully secure. You can manage user logins as employees transition in and out of roles as also, monitor user activity for better email program security. 

    Get to know the impressive features of India’s best email API

    Kinds of emailers: Both marketing and transactional email campaigns can be sent across from Mailhub. Types of marketing mailers include personalized recommendations, targeted offers, behavior-triggered mailers, lead-nurturing, promotional content, special offers, newsletters. Transactional emailers include those involving payments, purchases, password resets, shipping notifications, social media updates, account activity, etc. 

    Innovation at scale: Mailhub is constantly pioneering new email technologies, including enterprise-grade deliverability, inbox placement, and send-time optimization which makes businesses scale their email campaigns quickly and easily.

    Insightful analytics: Track your campaigns and send history in the most transparent manner and check for actionable. 

    Smarter backbone: Continuous machine learning with AI-optimized sending, accurate validations, and predictive inbox testing increase customer engagement

    Pain-free email creation: Email building has been simplified with drag-and-drop functionality and collaboration features for teams to quickly craft beautiful emails, just what your customers need. 

    Get set with Mailhub!