Know how chatbots can help telecom companies   


In the digital era of today, the hyper-competitive telecom companies are constantly exploring ways to reduce customer churn, ensure greater customer convenience while keeping costs in check and increase ARPU (Average Revenue per User). Conversational AI, thanks to chatbots, is one of the most valuable modern technologies that can aid telecom companies to deliver better customer service and ensure quick resolutions, while simultaneously boosting employee productivity and efficiency. 

The Best AI Chatbot  would help telecom enterprises to handle repetitive customer requests competently, cut down on wait times, send automated reminders to customers, gather customer feedback, redirect customer inquiries to the concerned department and subsequently reduce churn time. They also open various avenues to boost up-selling and cross-selling and can be used to display relevant add-on services as well, eventually increasing the ARPU.

Chatbots can handle most of the repeated queries of the customers seamlessly, which tend to be related to recharge plans and their pricing, data speed, STD and ISD rates, and so on. Even though the key objective of chatbots is to reduce manual effort and answer the queries of the customer faster, human intervention is not eliminated. In case the customer has a complex question where human insights and knowledge is needed, chatbots can seamlessly connect the customer to a customer support representative who can help them out further. This seamless handover saves time by retrieving customer information before handover and reduces average support time.  Chatbots can also be used for the purpose of sending important updates and reminders to the customers to keep them informed about their bill payment dates, plan validity, exclusive offers they are eligible for and more.  A robust and feature-packed bot for your telecom brand can be easily created through any good AI Chatbot Platform. 

Use cases of chatbots in the telecom industry
With the emergence of recent technologies, the telecom industry is proactively adopting several innovations to provide better value to their customers. Telecom companies today are progressively catering to larger areas and user bases. While this is good news for them, it also means that they receive a sizable number of customer queries that require 24/7 support. For any well-established telecom company, providing internet and phone services is not enough. This is where using an AI Chatbot Platform can be extremely advantageous. Through which, you can create conversational chatbots that can reduce the workload of the customer support team of any telecom company quite significantly. Chatbots are particularly ideal for helping these companies to deal with a high volume of customer issues, provide support around the clock and triage customer concerns.
Here are a few use cases of chatbots in the telecom industry:

  • Provide first-tier support: Best AI Chatbot would help in streamlining your customer support tasks, making sure that the customers get answers to their queries as promptly as possible. A chatbot can help troubleshoot common issues like querying the plan expiry date and even provide access to support articles. There are many problems that come up frequently in the telecom industry, and hence automating the delivery of their answers can prove to be the smartest choice.
  • Help manage accounts: Chatbots in the telecom industry can be deployed easily through the mobile app of the company. Hence, the chatbot will have access to the telecom accounts of your customers, and can help them to manage bills, plans and other information. For instance, if a new customer is not able to find and buy the plan they want, they can easily seek the assistance of the chatbot for the recharge process (such as adding more minutes or mobile data). Chatbot can guide the customers through the process, or provide the information needed by the customers to complete the process themselves.
  • Offer personalized and engaging services: Chatbots can provide personalized recommendations that can interest the customers based on their previous behavior. For instance, if a customer keeps depleting their mobile data three weeks into the month, chatbots can offer them an upgrade to plans that provide more data. Discounts can also be distributed in a suitable manner. Chatbots can send notifications about offers to the customers who are more likely to want them.

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