Jul 15, 2021

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  • Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) number porting

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    FAQ’s: Phone number migration to a different WABA 

    Who can migrate from one WABA to another? 
    Both BSPs or businesses that are already integrated with a WhatsApp Business API can now consider a switch and migrate a registered phone number. In short if you are using the API with any of WhatsApp’s approved BSPs, you can switch to ACL.  

    Even if you were using your own implementation and wish to now move to ACL, you can do it with ease.  
    What features will be carried forward with a new BSP? 
    Your businesses’ display name, quality rating, messaging limits, official business account status and your high-quality message templates that were previously approved will continue and not get lost.  
    What does the WABA number migration entail? 
    The migration process involves 3 main assets: 
    A source WABA - The account the phone number is currently registered to.    

    A phone number - The number that will be migrated.  

    A destination WABA  - The account the number will be migrated to. 
    Who should initiate the WABA migration? 
    The migration should be initiated by the BSP or the business that owns the destination WABA. 
    Will there be a downtime once the WABA number migration is started? 
    Note that until the time that the migration is complete, the WABA source can continue to send and receive messages. Once the migration is complete, the destination WABA takes over and there will be no downtime for the business.  
    Will my message templates be reviewed again? 
    No, all your high-quality message templates are maintained and copied to the destination WABA without having to be reviewed again. However, copying may cause the templates in the destination WABA to exceed the limit. So, if you want that new templates be added to destination WABA, you may need to delete some templates.  
    Will all my message templates be migrated? 
    Only the high-quality templates will be migrated. Rejected or pending templates or even the low-quality ones will not be migrated. Also, existing templates in the destination WABA will not be overwritten.  
    Are the billings also migrated to the new WABA? 
    No. Messages that were sent prior to the migration would be charged to the source business only. This includes the ones that were sent from the old WABA number but weren’t delivered. Once delivered, these are chargeable at the source WABA. Those sent post the migration would be charged to the destination WABA.  
    What to note before WABA number migration? 
    Note the following important factors before you switch to ACL.  

    • Your message and chat history will not be migrated.  
    • If you have multiple accounts to be migrated, these APIs will need to be migrated separately.  
    • Clients will have to work with a BSP directly to create a WABA to message on behalf of them, or they can create and share a WABA with the BSP by going through Embedded Signup on the BSP’s website.  

    Points to note about your destination WABA before migration 
    Unless your destination WABA has a business verification, review and approved status, the migration will not take place. It is also important to have a payment method set up.  
    For a migration to take place, the source and destination WABA must represent the same business. Simply put, the WABA ID of source and destination must be the same.  
    Why should you migrate WABA to ACL? 
    ACL is amongst the leading BSPs in the country with over 800 successful clients. With ACL, you could make use of a number of advanced features such as SMS as backup, location-based services, short URLs, real-time data purging, unified API, blacklisting of mobile numbers, session management, document personalization, prioritization of notifications and so much more! 
    Bank on ACL for the following:   

    • Segment your customers and schedule messages effectively 
    • In-depth customer insights and customizable dashboard for analytics 
    • Dedicated development and support team 
    • Complete package of enviable advanced features 

    Have queries? We look forward to clarifying all your doubts and help you get started. Write in to us at marketing@aclmobile.com