Apr 08, 2022

Everything you need to know about conversational AI and how it helps your business 

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Both emerging and established brands strategize to create and deliver exceptional value for their customers. If your customers are happy, they will be loyal too. With the number of brands that are catering to the same clientele as you, the value that you create must be tied to minimum stress and friction for your customers, speed, efficiency, automation and the non-negotiable aspect, the human element.  

To pull a customer towards your business in the digital world can be tough. But, once you have set the path and reach out to customers in a non-intrusive yet personalized way, you have successfully cracked the code. This is the first step towards boosting customer experience (CX) and this is where conversational messaging and conversational AI can help.  
How to boost customer experience with conversational AI? 

If you arrived at this page, most probably you are either trying to understand conversational AI and the messaging personalized space. So, let us talk about some of the key components.  

Keeping it simple 
If you haven’t run a survey related to your products and services, we suggest you approach your coworkers. How is the customer experience? Do they find it easy to navigate through your app? Are you accessible enough? Do you end up spamming your customers? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative to any of these questions, unfortunately you are not keeping it simple. Customers like brands that serve them important information on a platter - ready-to-consume. With conversational AI and chatbots, you will be able to reach your customers on a channel where they are.  

Omnichannel experience 
It is important to know where your customers are. If your target group (TG) is millennials and Gen Z, you are looking at two generations that are mid to totally internet savvy. Gen Z has seen the emergence of the internet in the face of globalization. Gen Y is all about social networking, mobility, multiple realities and what you would know as digital natives. How do you serve information to this TG? The first step is to be present on platforms and channels where they are, say- Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, Viber, Telegram- just to name a few. Why should your brand be present everywhere? Well, you wouldn't want to miss even a single customer just because you weren’t available for them. Facilitating an omnichannel experience guarantees that you can switch to channels that your customers or prospects use while continuing meaningful conversations without the need to start all over again.  
Measure your success and reach  
When you opt for communication solutions from the best CPaaS providers, you also have access to analytics and insights. Use this to understand customer behavior and assess their requirements. It is equally important to know that you are reaching out to a goldfish economy- meaning to say the attention span of humans has decreased over time and marketers struggle to find the most engaging way to reach out to prospects. With conversational messaging, you get to personalize and rely on the customers’ micro-moments. Understand your customer better with conversational AI and make an informed decision with analytics.  
Keep data safe 
More than before, customers are talking about privacy and safety and the leaders in the communications solution space understand your business requirements. With conversational AI, you will be able to reach out to customers 1:1, as also ensure complete data security.  
Omnichannel multilingual chatbots from Sinch

Is your business future-ready? If this question gets you thinking, it’s time to reimagine ways to engage with your customer. Chatlayer by Sinch is an ISO 27001 certified, no-code, multi-functional SaaS platform that helps you connect and convert customers securely and easily. Our voice and chatbot lets you cut down on operational costs by 50 percent and help automate repetitive tasks by over 75 percent!  

1:1 engagement is easier  

Your customer is looking for an enriching experience when they interact with their favorite brands. Win them over with personalized engagement. Share pictures, PDFs, GIFs and more and enliven every stage of your customer’s journey.  
Enable an always-on business 
Be always on, on your customer's favorite platform. We connect with SMS, Messaging apps, Instagram, Teams, Slack, Facebook messenger and voice/telephony. At Sinch, we also provide easy integrations.  
World-class NLP  
Scalable and reliable chatbots use proprietary AI and Natural Language Processing algorithms that let your business understand the customer thoroughly. Benefit from a powerful and flexible NLP engine. For complex queries, you can always bank on your human agent.  
Choose from multiple languages 
Chat with your customers in the language of their choice. Choose from over 100 languages and keep them comfortable.  
Strategize with smart analytics 
Analyze, audit and push actionable ahead of your next interaction with customers. A single dashboard helps your business analyze conversations from all channels. Get better at making customer-centric decisions.  
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Industries best suited for a conversational AI intervention  

Every business that reaches out to a customer or needs to send out updates and information needs chatbots. Let us look at how the following industries can benefit: 
Virtual shopping assistants 
Challenge: When customers do not get what they need in the first few quick searches, they tend to move away from your website and continue their search elsewhere.  
Solution: As virtual shopping assistants, chatbots let e-commerce and marketplaces display a range of products that the customer is seeking without them having to spend time on going through a broad range of products. Achieve higher conversions in a shorter time period and make up for the lack of in-person shopping assistants.  
Marketing chatbots 

Challenge: The business landscape is changing by the day and brand marketers often find it challenging to be heard by the right person who is the ultimate user of the product. Most brands today have therefore switched to garnering user-generated content (UGC) which is more authentic.  

Solution: A wonderful way to get your users to interact with your brand and create marketable content for you is to begin talking to them, non-intrusively. You can do this easily with chatbots. Through meaningful 1:1 conversation, you can get to know customers, understand how the products work for them and collect information that is valuable for your business as well as prospects. Ultimate result? Higher engagement, lower cost of advertising, better brand awareness and powerful community building.   
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