Apr 19, 2022

Ever considered chatbots as HR assistants?

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Choosing the right people for your brand is the key to making of a great place to work. When these right people are onboard, that is not the end of your task as human resource personnel. Added responsibilities include creating a holistic strategy for the welfare of each of the employees.

In organizations or enterprises that have but 1 HR personnel for 100 employees, the making of an optimal work ecosystem may suffer. It gets tougher than before with remote work policies in place. How do you cater to hundreds of employees spread across geographies? Well, we are hinting at bringing conversational AI to the forefront. Here is why: 

Turn intelligence into actionable 

Your constant chase to understand worker sentiments can be made much easier with chatbots. Leverage conversational AI to create a workplace strategy that is sustainable. You may ask, how?  

Bring all that matters to your business and employees on to a conversational AI platform, such as Chatlayer. Active employees do go through company policy, FAQs, leave policy, appraisal terms and more on your HRMS portal. But what if they do not? Or wish to get information on their fingertips? With a chatbot there is a lot you can do in no time! We list some here:  

Onboard much easily with chatbots 
  • Why should a dedicated resource spend time on repetitive tasks? Chatlayer from Sinch can help you create bots that can introduce application forms from new joiners and collect information on your behalf.  

  • Send across FAQs with ease and serve information on demand to new joiners 

  • Background checks, document submission, quick dispatch of new joiner kits? Leave it to the HR bot. 

  • Customize your bot to handle new joiner processes on a 1:1 basis. 


Chatbots for HR professionals from Sinch

Inform, engage, and delight through employee journey 
  • Connect the Chatlayer platform to your knowledge repository and help your coworkers access everything they need to know about the business 

  • Free up your bandwidth when you leave employee queries to the dynamic bot. Human resources need to intervene only to address complex queries 

  • Enhance, enrich employee experience through feedback and surveys that understand their intent.  Personalized, contextualized communication can work wonders driving you to improve efficiencies and address issues that may hinder it.  


Get to know the pulse of your employee 
  • Have employees across geographies? Build and deploy this no-code, multilingual chatbot and engage at scale.  

  • Fetch details on skill assessment and gaps and help employees with personalized assessments. 

  • Build trust by intervening wherever and whenever necessary. Bots built on the Chatlayer platform can help you automate up to 90% of tasks. For crucial interactions, both employers and people must rely on human interactions.  

  • Make smart decisions based on insights drawn from the analytics dashboard. This gives you a thorough picture of people's journey and sentiments within your organization.  

Think dynamic, think AI. If you are interested in transforming your communication strategy, write to us at marketing@aclmobile.com