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The first chatbot, Eliza made its debut in 1966. It is however, only in the last decade or two that successful businesses proactively leveraged the power of chatbots. According to Gartner, by 2022, 70 per cent of white-collar workers will interact with conversational platforms on a daily basis! In due course of time, your chatbot may not just be artificially intelligent but will boast a whole lot of emotional intelligence as well. This becomes all the more reason to tap into high engagement rates, courtesy a WhatsApp chatbot. In this article, you will read about what makes using a chatbot so easy, its integration and benefits that accounts to a commendable return of your investment. Let’s get started.


How efficient is WhatsApp Chatbot?

If you are someone researching about WhatsApp Chatbot, you are definitely looking to automate your customer support or sales. Let’s assume, you have over 2,000 customers and the business requires you to handle some of them all the time. Going with a WhatsApp Chatbot increases your efficiency, reduces your costs and your business will be able to handle multiple customer queries at the same time.

WhatsApp Chatbot and zero-coding

Building a no-code chatbot platform is always an easier choice. Rather than coding it, all you need to do is to join hands with ACL, an authorized business solutions provider and build yourself a no-code, visually appealing WhatsApp Chatbot in no time! With WhatsApp API enabled business number, ACL gives you access to an entire dashboard with necessary features such as contact management, chatbot builder, API integrations, and many more.

Whether you are an experienced bot builder or if it is your first time building bots, ACL enables business users to build bots without any coding. To make it truly seamless for you, ACL has two types of offerings:

  • Professional services: ACL will create a chatbot for the client.
  •  DIY Model: ACL will guide the clients with platform-related training so that they can develop and deploy chatbots on their own.

What does your business gain with ACL Chatbot?

There are numerous benefits of opting for the WhatsApp Chatbot with your business solutions provider, ACL. We list a few of them here.


Higher open rate 

WhatsApp is a highly preferred communication medium. Use its popularity to the advantage of your business and ensure that the messages that you roll out are read. With this, you get to convert your leads faster.


Verified business and brand recall 

With WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Chatbot, your business gets a verified profile on the platform. With that kind of a presence on WhatsApp, customers are able to place you better.


Enable self-serve and analytics 

One of the best parts about enabling a WhatsApp Chatbot for your business is the fact that you are letting your customer self-serve. They may have multiple queries and each time they ask a question, your chatbot does the work for you. Your chatbot is able to add to its AI knowledge base and through natural language processing, is able to efficiently address queries.

As a business, you would also be able to gauge user’s intent and segment them accordingly. Your business will also have access to analytics and insights. The following insights can be gained:

  • About the user, that is anyone who sends at least one message to the bot.
  • About the messages, that is, every interaction done by the user with the bot
  • Not Understood message, that is, if an expression is not an exact match for one of the trained expressions and NLP confidence is under the defined NLP threshold
  • About the session, that is every time a user sends a first message or after an interval of 15 minutes of silence, it is counted as a new session.

Note that with ACL you get an enterprise solution that is GDPR-compliant and has worldwide hosting.


Scale and speed 

Your business is eyeing growth. Naturally, more and more customers may be looking to interact with you. WhatsApp Chatbot promises scale and speed by answering multiple queries from customers within seconds. It also identifies over a hundred languages instantly and can handle as much as 4,000 intent. Thanks to the AI, it continuously improves the bot for maximum user experience.


Live Agent

The AI to human handoff is easy when you choose ACL as your solutions provider. In case of complex queries that your bot is not programmed to answer, any customer-facing team can take over and chat with consumers, using a lightweight, messaging-centric interface.

WhatsApp Chatbot and its relevance in various industries


Telecom industry

Use the chatbot to automate customer support and provide customer service for billing, plans, network issues, etc.


Automobile industry 

A chatbot could help you schedule appointments for a test-drive or for a pre-purchase consultation or any other service booking.


Travel and hospitality

Consumers can explore, make bookings, manage their travel, and stay choices through the business chatbot. Customer service related to payments, reservations, flight bookings can also be easily done.



The chatbot could help your customers view transaction histories, review bill payments or statements or even update their profiles.



You could use the chatbot to recommend policies, process claim requests, renewals and for lead generation.



Be it grocery shopping, location services, shopping assistance, on-demand delivery, repeat orders, upsell and cross-sell, a number of such functions can be carried out through your chatbot.


Tap into the power of WhatsApp Chatbots today and pave way for smart communication with your customers. To get started, write to us at




What are the benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot?

It is a no-coding interface and offers a menu-based BOT or an FAQ BOT as per your requirements. It comes with API integrations and is an NLP and AI enabled BOT that will help you engage with your customers seamlessly.


Which Indian languages does the ACL WhatsApp Chatbot support?

ACL Chatbot supports Bengali, English, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu


What is an Official Business Account on WhatsApp?

Official Business Account on WhatsApp are those that are verified and have a green checkmark badge in its profile and next to the header in the chat thread. Customers can see the name of the business in the chat list, chat screens, chat groups, and contacts view instead of the phone number even if the user hasn't added the business to their address book.

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