Advantages of using marketing automation for real estate and other industries


Real estate is an extremely competitive field. For any real estate company, it has become more important than ever to maximize their time, streamline their marketing process and be more efficient. With new real estate projects cropping across India consistently, realty companies, real estate agents with large businesses need a proper marketing strategy in place to make the whole lead management process, across the sales funnel competent enough to gain an edge over their competitors. This is where using Omnichannel Marketing Automation can be quite advantageous. 

Marketing automation implies the use of software or platform that automatically manages marketing activities and multifunctional campaigns across several channels, right from WhatsApp and SMS to social media, website, and apps. By leveraging such software efficiently, your real estate listings can be boosted/amplified to potential home buyers.

There are many advantages you can enjoy by using the Best Marketing Automation Software for your real estate company. Here are some of them:

  • Time-Saving: Any successful marketing campaign would require the marketers to craft a robust strategy, find the right audience, manage multiple customer touchpoints and so on. These tasks can be both time-consuming and complex. Leveraging marketing automation tools allow you to automate multiple tasks, such as sending promotional emails or SMS to the customers at timely intervals, as well as answering their queries through bots. With marketing automation tools, real estate companies can schedule an entire month’s worth of emails and social updates over the course of a couple of hours.
  • Reach the right audience: An average home buyer starts researching properties around six months to a year prior to the actual buy. Hence, real estate companies need to focus on delivering the right message to them at the right time throughout the sales funnel. The various stages through which a customer passes through before making the ultimate purchase are known as the sales funnel. It involves the stages of awareness, interest, evaluation, decision, and purchase phase. With real estate marketing automation, you can generate leads through web pages, social media, apps, and more, across the sales funnel.
  • Accurate reporting and measurable results: Determining the success of any marketing campaign has to be supported by measurable data. This data can be obtained by precise tracking and monitoring through marketing automation software. Generating detailed marketing reports and analyzing the data is simple through a marketing automation tool.

 Elevate Your Marketing Outcomes with Automated Smart Targeting
Targeted content provides you with the opportunity to reach the audience with custom experience that has been customized to their interest. For instance, if you visit an e-commerce website that you frequently shop at, you might notice an option to "Order it again." Such a shopping experience, which makes re-ordering a swift and hassle-free process, is an example of smart targeting that is made possible with robust Marketing Automation Software.

Smart targeting predicts the interests of the target audience with the help of historical, behavioral, and real-time data, as well as AI. These insights are then used to provide relevant content to the customers. By making use of smart targeting, you can make sure that your audience is able to enjoy a personalized experience online and aid you to grow your reach as well. 

Top Marketing Automation Platform Companies of the country can help businesses to discover and organize valuable customer segments for smarter targeting. With this feature, you will be able to help the right audience engage with the right offer at the right instance.  As per recent research, around 74% of customers get frustrated with content that is not relevant to their interest. On the other hand, 48% of customers spend more in response to personalization. Businesses across varied industries report more than 60% % increased conversion rates from personalization efforts. Personalization has emerged as one of the most effective ways to get more leads for your business, and smart targeting is the key to personalization.
By having an automated process in place for your marketing efforts, you can have personalized offers sent to your customers through channels like email, text, and WhatsApp, based on their purchase history and their preferences. 
Importance of personalization and segmentation in Omnichannel Marketing
Every customer wants to feel appreciated and unique, and therefore personalization tends to be one of the crucial elements of an omnichannel marketing strategy. You need to focus on connecting with your target audience by maintaining a certain individualized approach. The need for personalization often stems from the fact that modern customers have a magnitude of options available to them when making any purchase and they can find information about any offering with a click of a button. In this situation, experiencing a journey that makes them feel more relevant and appreciated leaves a mark on the customers, and encourages them to make purchases from the relevant brand. 

Top Marketing Automation Tools in India offer seamless segmentation to launch successful campaigns and helps you to target your customers based on token- criteria. Regardless of the industry or sector your brand is associated with, personalization and segmentation in marketing can help them to: 

  • Determine the best incentives for customers
  • Connect with customers through the channels preferred by them
  • Choose the right loyalty programs
  • Customize strategy based on research

Premier omnichannel marketing tools can gather valuable data for your business that can become the base for strategizing your customer journey. It will help you to target the customers on the basis of real time and long-term historical, transactional, and demographic attributes. You may even get the chance to dig deeper into customer engagement with conversion tracking, to create a more impactful marketing campaign. Using omnichannel marketing insight for segmentation and personalization will help in creating the right content for the right target group.  Doing so becomes important as you may even lose engagement if you are using a wrong channel for your business or delivering irrelevant content to a certain audience segment. 

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