Jan 24, 2022

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  • A quick look at the advantages of voice messaging  

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    Use voice notes to be present at every turn

    Enriching customer experience can be tricky. Customers may lose their cool due to just one misalignment. It can be when no one addresses the customer's call and they must wait for a long time, or if their call is disconnected by agents without any information. This can lead to a very bad customer experience. Hence, to avoid such situations, free voice messaging service agents can program voice notes to address callers on their behalf when they are busy attending other calls. 

    This way, you can show your callers that you care about them and notify them why it is taking so long to connect to the support agent. If agents disconnect a call, a voice note can be left informing the callers that the agents are busy, and they will contact them shortly.  

    Engage with customers even after working hours.
    It is likely that potential customers may call after working hours, which can again ruin the potential customer experience. So, organizations can make use of voice notes to inform customers about the office timings and urge them to leave their name, contact number as well as a brief message. This will reduce the organization's reliability on a receptionist, secretary, or customer service agent attending to customers 24/7. 

    Reduce support session time 
    Sometimes, customers may prefer connecting with businesses through chat rather than call. Therefore, agents and customers can get into one-to-one conversations to reduce calls and resolve support cases quickly. However, enterprise voice solutions can allow the agents and customers to communicate with great ease. Text message interaction can extend the support session time as the customers have to wait for a response when agents type the messages. But with voice messages, agents can instantly record and send voice messages for communication, thus, also encouraging customers to send voice notes for faster and more convenient interaction. 

    Voice messaging allows organizations to humanize their interactions, and boost their relationships with customers, by eliminating the typing work and speeding up one-on-one interactions. Voice notes give a feel to customers as if a person is contacting them personally.