On-Premise, Multi-Channel Communications Platform 
Deployed in more than 30 Banks
Axiom’s is an industry leading, messaging platform that enables enterprises to communicate with their customers in real time over multiple channels; SMS, Email and WhatsApp.  The centralized platform connects multiple service providers and various departments of an enterprise via single API.  Listed in Nasscom’s “Excellence Product Matrix” and deployed at the leading banks in India, Axiom is first of its kind messaging platform to offer a multitude of capabilities ensuring security (Audit trail and access control), flexibility  (DB agnostic) and reliability (High uptime and efficient DLR component).
Message prioritization
Prioritization based on messaged, vendors and departments.
Upsize throughput
Scaling from100 to 6000 TPS
Alternate routing in case of connectivity failure
Multi-Vendor support
Protocol Support – HTTP, SMPP, SMTP
Web Based Interface
Efficient dashboard and real time reporting for comprehensive analytics
Seamless Integration
Supports Rich API’s over HTTP/s and JDBC (DB pick). Hosted solution easily integrates with existing IT infrastructure .