ACL COVID-19 (coronavirus) Q&A

Amid the outbreak in the world, we continue to adopt appropriate solutions to help our people and customers, navigate through these uncertain times. We answer some of the pertinent questions here.

How has ACL responded to the coronavirus pandemic and the consequent disruption at workplace?

We are fully equipped to work remotely, especially in case of support and operations department. Business operations are not interrupted, and we have a skeletal crew working on site if the need ever arises. We have put together a business continuity plan that addresses all scenarios and contingencies.

How does ACL tackle the problem of closure of facility at various locations in India?

We have studied the various scenarios where business operations could take a hit and are ready with a contingency plan. The closure of facility across India has not hampered the operations given that the teams were quick to adapt to a remote working culture. In case of exigencies that cannot be addressed remotely, a lean team handles operations on site, following all COVID-19 protocols.

How has ACL maintained internal and external communication during the COVID-19 pandemic?

At ACL, all our employees, customers, contractors, suppliers, and essential staff are updated through regular communication channels. In case of a direct impact to services, clients are notified as per process in place. Account teams handling specific customers are also equipped to handle communications, through their existing point of contact. All business-critical communication is thus carried on without interruption.

What role does ACL play to contain the spread of COVID-19?

To check the spread of coronavirus, our operations and support teams have thoroughly moved to a remote working set-up. Business-critical personnel may however be required on site in case of exigencies. Largely, the work-from-home culture applies to everyone working at ACL. We have also experimented with a hybrid work culture with specific teams working on a roster. Pan India, all ACL premises are equipped with protective gears, masks, sanitizers, etc. Employees/visitors need to necessarily undergo temperature scanning at the entry. For those who suspect exposure to COVID-19, a helpline is in place to guide such employees about next steps and available resources.

What is ACL’s travel policy during the coronavirus pandemic?

Given the global crisis, the ACL leadership has ensured that all avoidable business tours and travels are put to halt. Our people are encouraged to use enterprise communication platforms and digital tools to connect in the virtual world, which is the new normal.

Has there been any disruption of business in any of ACL’s offices in India?

We have been monitoring all operations, across sites closely and have not traced any adverse impact on the business. ACL has adapted to the new normal and our cross-functional task forces across People, Communications, Operations, and Finance departments have been in sync.

Are there any recovery strategies in places, in case of an emergency triggered by coronavirus pandemic?

While all ACL sites have reported smooth functioning, for the benefit of our people, customers, suppliers and stakeholders, we have put together a business continuity plan. This plan contains all possible scenarios during an emergency and ways to address customer enquiries with minimum disruption. This also includes failures due to disruption at the sites of third-party.

How are ACL customers/suppliers updated about changes/developments?

The respective accounts team handles all the communication meant for their customers through the existing point of contact.

How are ACL products faring during the pandemic?

With or without the pandemic, ACL’s products are built on infrastructure which is resilient and scalable. We are trusted by our customers and have maintained good working relationships even during unprecedented situations.

What should I consider before visiting the ACL facility?

We have migrated to a work-from-home or remote set-up during the coronavirus pandemic across all our sites. It is probable that you may not be able to get in touch with the concerned person at the office site. We encourage virtual meetings over physical. However, if the nature of work warrants a physical meeting, plan and set up the meeting. Do follow time commitments to avoid any delay. Please refrain from physically interacting with your colleagues especially if you were in a containment zone or suspect exposure to coronavirus. ACL strongly believes in a culture of trust and honesty and we urge all our people to stay safe and ensure the safety of others within the ACL family. All ACL offices are equipped with sanitizers and protective gear. We have also trained our security personnel to conduct thermal scanning at the entry. Do note that in case of visible symptoms of the virus, entry into the facility will be restricted.

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