WhatsApp Business offers a simple, and secured way for businesses to reach, connect and engage with billions of people. As an official partner of WhatsApp, Sinch will support you at every step to deploy a feature rich WhatsApp Business solution, built on our powerful AI Conversation Platform to ensure you get an enterprise grade solution from day one.  Our AI Conversation platform provides a secured, scalable, and reliable solution that can be integrated with an enterprise’s end points.

Use your verified WhatsApp business account to :

  1. Stitch together various service alerts and turn it into rich conversations 
  2. Send business critical notifications 
  3. Help in product discovery
  4. Intelligently up-sell and cross-sell 

Conversational Design and No-coding interface

Conversational Design and No-coding interface

Artificial Intelligence,  Multiple language support and Advanced NLP analytics

Artificial Intelligence, Multiple language support and Advanced NLP analytics

Enterprise focused Scalable Solution

Enterprise focused Scalable Solution

Data Security - ISO 27001 certified

Data Security - ISO 27001 certified


WhatsApp Communication Services


  • Notifications
  • Keyword Conversation
  • Chatbot Conversation
  • Integrated Live Agent Support


Flow Builder

  • Create services on the fly
  • Create group and segments
  • Schedule, Alerts, Auto extraction


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  • Real time data analytics
  • Business dashboards
  • Performance reports
  • Build customized reports
  • Report Manager


WhatsApp Business API

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Sync and Async response
  • Session management
  • Advanced validation and alert mechanism
  • Fall back
  • Optin Management
  • Blacklisting


WhatsApp Business Features

WhatsApp business solution is loaded with all the business solution features from day one to allow enterprises to use various rich messaging and conversation services from day one. All the features are by default activated with the account for enterprises to test and quickly have an experience of all the possibilities that WhatsApp business solution provides.

WhatsApp Business Features

Send and receive Multimedia

WhatsApp business API has capability to send and receive multimedia messages including images, pdf, videos, docs, pdf, stickers etc. This empowers businesses to communicate in richer and more engaging format while they are able to share brochures, video tutorials, launch, utility bills, statements etc.

Language options

Communicate with your customer in their l language to enhance customer experience. Our WhatsApp APIs support multiple languages via API enabling enterprise to interact with customers in their regional language. The language support can be enabled in both notification and conversational flows.

Notification Templates

WhatsApp message templates and media message templates are specific message formats that businesses use to send out notifications or customer care messages to people that have opted in to notifications. Messages can include appointment reminders, shipping information, issue resolution, payment updates, bills etc.

Interactive Buttons

WhatsApp Business solution allows you to add interactivity to the text or media message through Button feature. Enterprise can send messages containing buttons for rich experience to the user.

WhatsApp Communication Services

WhatsApp communication service can help enterprises to stitch together their various service alerts and turn it into rich conversation. WhatsApp Business is one of the most advanced and intelligent messaging platforms that has inbuilt notification, conversation with Chatbot and Live agent support to provide a seamless user experience to the users.

WhatsApp Communication Services


Schedule alerts, service, transactional messages to your customers who have opted in to receive the messages on their WhatsApp application. Sinch will help enterprises to get their verified WhatsApp Business account. This will allow enterprises to use WhatsApp business capabilities to start communication with their customers.

Keyword Conversation

Customers can reach WhatsApp number to seek any information, status update or send any query to the enterprises. With Whats App Business API, you can build single to multilevel static and dynamic responses to serve the request of the users. Enterprises can create menu-based services on WhatsApp using our rich communication platform. API or use creator tool to build the flow on the fly.


Our AI Powered conversational platform offers an integrated WhatsApp Chatbot service where users can chat on WhatsApp channel. Sinch has an in-house Chabot platform built on NLP and AI that is already integrated with WhatsApp business solution. Our WhatsApp solution can seamlessly integrate with any of your existing Chatbot platforms.

Live Agent support

Integrate your WhatsApp communication to our Live Agent solution to provide a seamless experience to your users. At any point in the flow, enterprises can configure to handover the chat to a Live agent interface. Our Live Agent provides a comprehensive communication channel that can be used by the live agents to answer to the queries posted by the users on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Chatbot

Enrich customer experience and scale your business

Explore the world of digital transformation and rich, personalized communication to steer your business growth. Create engaging content to connect with your customers and drive higher conversions. With WhatsApp Chatbot, your business can leverage the power of instant communication with quick, automated responses throughout the day to keep your customers satisfied with your promptness. Your business stands to gain massively with more and more qualified leads while customer friction reduces. Our Chatbot will serve your marketing department with an unparalleled deployment of strategic campaigns while your sales teams can benefit from shortened sales cycle.  With the chatbot taking over repetitive work off the plate, your customer support can focus on crucial aspects of your business. With Sinch, you can scale your business growth, like never before.

Enrich customer experience and scale your business

Automate conversations

Focus on crucial aspects of your business and leave the rest to the Chatbot. Power your business with shorter response time and increased customer satisfaction.

Unparalleled CX

Establish long-term relationships with your customers when you roll out rich and engaging content in various easy-to-consume formats such as carousels, location pins, buttons. Engage and retain your key customers and increase the overall customer lifetime value.

Leverage the power of AI

Chatbot is equipped to handle complex situations that may need a chatbot human handoff. A natural language analysis by the bot facilitates a handover to a human agent, in difficult situations. Your valuable customer therefore is engaged, attended and well-served at all times.

Grow your business on the go

With the Chatbot, your business is headed for growth. Build on brand awareness and visibility while economizing your resources yet growing your qualified leads, all at the same time!

Flow Builder

Creator allows you to build notification and conversation services on the fly. Create groups basis various dynamic real time triggers and parameters and schedule the alert messages for one time or repetitive.

Now not technical expertise is required to create service flows from single to multiple levels with static or dynamic responses in real time and make the services live instantly. Creator reduces your lead time to conceptualize the time to go to the market with less dependency on development.


  • Group Management
  • Set Notifications
  • Build conversational flow
  • Auto translator for multilingual
  • Keyword Management
  • Template Management

Flow Builder


Our conversational platform insights  is a management and analytical interface that empowers businesses and functional owners to get all critical data points required for decision making, tracking platform performance and billing. This is possible with a real time detailed delivery and tracking incoming requests to help enterprises to view the performance of the platform and understand the service adoption. The insight is powered by a powerful algorithm to give deep insights and analytics that enterprises can customize as per their requirements. The insight interface provides all the channel analytics at one place to make it easier for users to access the reports.

  • User Access controls
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Delivery report
  • Conversation view
  • User Privacy and security


WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API supports all the features provided by WhatsApp business solution. WhatsApp business API provides end-to-end encryption for a secured communication services to the enterprises. WhatsApp business API allows you to programmatically integrate the workflows through notification and conversational services. WhatsApp business API is flexible and easy to integrate to any other 3rd party applications, CRM, contact centre and other services and support software to provide a rich and satisfying user experience to your customers.

WhatsApp Business API is also supported by other API extensions available like:

  • Opt-in Management
  • Blacklisting
  • Analytics API

WhatsApp Business API

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